Rose-greyChristine F.

Rosa Nicolosi’s Soul Readings strike a deep and resonant chord. Like a tuning fork her readings recalibrate our essence so that we can open to become more of who we really are.  Her remarkable sessions are not only life changing as we are positively impacted on many levels but working with her is also a deeply soul satisfying experience. I have been blessed to be the recipient of Rosas unique and healing gift.





Rose-greyMiriam S.

I recently decided to give energy work a try and took a Body Soul Integration session with Rosa.  I was quite skeptical since I come from a very materialistic mindset and my main approach through the years has been diet/fasting.  But I was totally amazed… within just a few minutes Rosa had already tapped into the main energy knots of my being and I was all the sudden able to connect the dots of my traumatic past and become aware of some suppressed parts of my being which now can heal, I believe, since they can’t hide no more.





“Rosa’s deeply, intuitive and clear presence made the soul reading I did with her an extraordinary experience. It was, at its essence so deeply simple and yet beautiful and profound. Aside from receiving insight and outer support, my session with Rosa allowed me to find inner momentum and courage to deal with some long term limitations in my life. Its effects continue to reverberate and bring calm clarity into my life.”






“I first met Rosa during the summer of 1999. At the time I had been experiencing severe pain in the lower back for about a year. Some days the pain was so intense that I was unable to stand or walk. By this time I had already tried all of the conventional medical methods for dealing the pain, and all had failed The advice I received most often from the medical doctors was to learn to live with the pain. By the time I met Rosa I was deeply depressed and beginning to think about ending my life. With Rosa’s help the pain and depression are only a memory and my life has been blessed and changed forever.”





I have had the pleasure of knowing Rosa for over fifteen years and her integrative approach and emphasis on self care is at the heart of her practice. The depth with which she engages with me in session facilitates a wonderful and cathartic exchange. I feel emotionally and physically safe to explore and work with a broad range of tools that she shares. Through breathing and physical exercises, dialog, writing, and exceptional bodywork, I am experiencing deep change. Many people in healing professions approach health symptomatically and co–create an external hierarchy between doctor and patient. Rosa’s approach, rather, invokes the inner healer present in all of us. Her counsel empowers me toward a shift in subtle unconscious patterns I act from, transforming them into vehicles for awareness and positive change. Rather than focusing our energy on what is wrong, “self-care” allows me to move beyond the limiting perception of positive and negative, and into the realm of pure energy, joy in my birthright of giving and receiving love. Ultimately, self-care is a practice of finding our inner joy and inner healer and connecting with the greater web of energy and abundance available to us in each moment. Working with Rosa has been a unique and invaluable opportunity for me to discover and re-connect with my passionate beautiful core self and that has blossomed out into my relationships with my family, my community, and the Earth as a whole.


Rose-greyP. Asabu

“This was a very significant experience for me. I actually never really believed I would or could come to such a special place where I would find comfort, peace and guidance in my search for creativity. With Rosa`s, warm support, direction and gentle words I was able to do so. The place I found with her compassionate help is very dear to me and I will continue to try my best to make it my home, where I will go for comfort and guidance. For all of this Rosa, I thank you truly.

I know there must be so many other souls out there who are waiting for her to encourage, direct and lead them to their special place. I hope that their path leads them to Rosa soon.”





“When Rosa did the soul reading for me, she was able to get into the core of my soul and pinpoint the fundamental issues and tendencies I have had in this lifetime without any prior knowledge of me. She then gave suggestions to how I may overcome those issues and tendencies. That session with Rosa was healing spiritually and I felt a lot of emotional burdens left me right then. My physical body felt lighter due to the spiritual healing I obtained in that session. She is a very gifted soul reader for sure and I highly recommend her to anyone”





I have worked with a lot of healers over the years and I have found Rosa Nicolosi’s work exceptional. She attends to my being and soul at a core level by enabling a connection between my spiritual life and my body. She addresses root causes of pain, trauma and level of joy for self healing. I understand a lot of spiritual principles but Rosa helps me merge these understandings and beliefs with my human reactions. And I do this all from a place of my higher self! I think this is very valuable and incredibly powerful work for anybody looking to transform their lives.