Follow the Way of Trees … Trees –“All The Way”…

In our culture we are going through the end of the idea that imposing external power is superior to inner power.   All over the world people seem to be making their values and needs known as never before. As consciousness evolves we are forced to look at what really matters from deep inside ourselves.

As an individual, I don’t believe that I am wise enough to know what is best for another person. My intention here is to share a self empowering way of deepening the connection with your true essence- your soul through your body. The integration of the body is key as the body is contained in the soul and holds memories in your cells.

Our culture forces people to be overly driven and competitive, in lieu of being engaged in the flowers of life’s opportunities. Millions of people live from old contracts created with themselves as children. For example, they “think they should” be doing this or that in order to be accepted. And so there is a “pushing through things” as a way of being with life. This derives more from the will, maneuvering for a safe place, not allowing our vulnerability– the truth of our feelings and fears.

It took me many years to be real with myself, listen to what I was feeling beneath the emotions of the ego and accept the moment with all of its imperfections and I am still learning.

My exploration occurred during my learning the art of painting scenes in the woods.   When I placed my hands on trees for the first time I was surprised to feel a vibration. It was the tree’s “energetic essence” I was sensing, emanating through the bark. This was also around the time of my learning more about hands-on healing work, tuning into the vibration of people –for example : not only palpating the size of the liver (learned from my Nurse Practitioner work) but tuning into the vibration of the organ as well as the energy meridians through the body. I learned that every organ, every tissue, every bone, and every cell has its own resonant frequency — its own sound.   Ideally together, they create a united harmonious frequency, like the instruments of an orchestra. Yet, when an organ is out of concert with the rest, then the entire body is affected and this disharmony can lead to states of imbalance or disease.   This vibration or connection can be felt over long distances as well. Such as phone sessions.

My experience led me to more studies of how individual cells are connected through vibration as well as to everyone and everything on the planet. Since then I hold a reverence for each cell in the body as having equal importance. I applied this to aspects of artwork – giving the same attention to each brushstroke and each note on the guitar when playing a melody.

As you tune into yourself in that quiet place of a new moment, while truly listening, you can sense your own vibration and hear your own heart and its wisdom. You may not feel it so much as a vibration but sometimes as an instant knowing that comes from within.

We were taught to listen in order to respond. When listening without an agenda it creates an opening through the breath for the Divine creative to enter. When you pause and truly listen, purely receiving the new moment, it opens you to ‘receiving’ even more –more prosperity, love, joy and personal creativity.

When letting go of the need to be better or more balanced you are being with yourself with honesty.   We all have a place in us that can be mean and have made what we consider mistakes or tragedies.   When you allow yourself to be present with feelings that you have avoided or pushed down, you open your heart to more easily forgive yourself as well as to forgive others. From here decisions can be made with clarity, as they are not from an emotional place.   When you can imagine or feel energy flowing through your body and include your pelvic energy field called ‘dantien’, naval, the center of life force energy, it helps ground you in your physical body to maintain your separateness.

Working with people’s relationships I have observed a common occurrence between mothers and daughters.   For example during one of my sessions the mother desired to talk with her daughter more often and the daughter felt anxious when her mother called even though she also enjoyed the attention. With my guidance through Body Soul Integration they were both able to tune into their body’s sensations during communication of feelings – they each seemed to find specific places of constriction and pain in their body as the dialog went on. Connecting to sensations in your body is an experience unique for everyone as sometimes you can feel things and other times perhaps not and there are also those who have an instant knowing.

As they checked in with their own beating hearts, and tuned in to the feeling underneath the emotion, they were each surprised to find their own sadness and fear.

From this heart-connected self acceptance they were able to respond to themselves out of compassion and then noticed the pains and tightness of body sensations fall away, along with anxiety of wanting their needs met. They both expressed that it was enough to be feeling the love and acceptance, and didn’t need to be together as much as they thought. The outcome doesn’t matter when living from your soul, a deeper truth, instead of responding from a place often including emotions attached to input from others. You can think of emotions as feelings in motion (eg. anger, anxiety, frustration) from an egoic response to an outer situation, rather than deep feelings (like sadness, grief or fear) that may be underneath it all that has been avoided or overlooked as a habitual way of relating to ourselves. It is actually getting to the true feeling below the emotions that brings the honesty with yourself home.

When you take responsibility to share love in mutuality rather than to “get” love it brings a freedom and new power to take care of yourself. Many people are burdened with a sense of overwhelm when children are acting out or may be in a frustrating relationship with a friend, lover, employee or boss.

When we react out of frustration and grab for harsh words or physical combat we are reinforcing the belief that external force is where the power is.

When you dominate others you separate them from themselves (who they truly are) and others.   In the same way when dominating yourself to “push through” and mostly do the things you really don’t want to do it has a similar affect.   In order to change this old habit of being, try first to accept the moment just as it is, knowing there is a reason for it. Pause… Pause, breathe, feel your heart beating and accept.   Smile–   Genuine smiles and laughter can be a help to let go of your being the center of your world.

Others know when you are in your authentic power and you may be surprised at their response. It does take time and getting used to on both sides before relationships dramatically change. This also can be applied to pausing before reaching for food that you really don’t want to eat.

It seems a great task for us to stop and pause in order to firmly set limits with family, friends and in all parts of life –to feeling a peaceful heart. Try looking in the mirror, into your own eyes, while just being.

When you are present in the light of your authentic energy there is self love. Your true essence produces a vibrational sound unique to you and this tone carries to all cells in your body—it also joins the life force field of every living thing on our planet. From here there is more energy to love yourselves, others and what truly matters –as Joseph Campbell passionately says, to “follow your bliss.”

A common response from clients is they fear they will be alone or isolated if “focused on themselves.” It is ‘an illusion’ that we are separate from each other—it is only a matter of allowing the connection that is always there –the connection of the heart and to each other happening at the same time. This is the ineffable connection to God.

When opening my eyes in the morning, looking out at the bare winter trees, the branches swaying in the breeze, I notice the stunning shapes between the branches while the trees seem to be dancing together. I am astounded by the connectedness yet uniqueness of every branch and tree.   Similarly it seems the more I connect with honesty to my own uniqueness, true essence and love for myself, the more I feel compassion and connectedness to everyone and everything around me.

From your wise heart within, there is a gentle power beyond all powers — So let’s all take a deep breath together, in all of human experience (including pain), sing with our cells, dance with the trees, smile with Body and Soul joyfully in community… with all of life.

rosa-tree-paintingRosa Maria Nicolosi, RN, LMBT, has had the honor over many years of seeing clients experience higher levels of health and life transformation by introducing them to their individual self-healing abilities.

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