Follow the Way of Trees … Trees –“All The Way”…

All around the world, individuals are releasing the idea that external power is superior to inner power, making values and needs known unlike ever before. As consciousness evolves we’re forced to deeply consider what really matters. It is my heart’s desire to contribute to our evolving consciousness. In that light, I’d like to share the connection with
your true essence — your soul — through your body.

The integration of the body and soul is key because the body holds memories in its cells.

We tend to live from old contracts created as children. For example, we “think we “should” be doing this or that in order to be accepted. The result is a “pushing through things” as a way of being with life. This way of being originates with our will as we maneuver for a safe place and hide our vulnerability, – the truth of our feelings and fears.

It took me many years to be real with myself, to listen to what I was feeling beneath the emotions of the ego and to accept the now with all of its imperfections. I’m still learning.

My exploration began many years ago while learning the art of oil painting forest scenes.
I love trees. When I placed my hands on trees for the first time I was surprised to feel a vibration. It was the tree’s “energetic essence”. This was also around the time that I was learning about hands-on healing work, tuning into the vibration of people and their bodies.

I learned that every organ, every tissue, every bone, and every cell, has its own resonant frequency, its own sound. It’s like an orchestra and, ideally, results in a harmonious sound.

Yet, when an organ is out of concert with the rest, the entire body is affected and the disharmony can lead to imbalance or disease. This vibration, or connection, can be felt over long distances as well, even via telephone lines.

My experience led me to learn how individual cells are connected through vibration, as well as to everyone and everything on the planet. Since then, I hold a reverence for each and every individual cell in the body. I applied this to aspects of artwork and music – giving the same attention to each brushstroke and each note on the guitar as I played.

As you tune into yourself, in that quiet place of a new moment, while listening deeply, you too can sense your own vibration and hear your own heart and its wisdom. You may not feel it so much as a vibration but as an instant
knowing that comes from within.

Most of us are not good listeners. We were were taught to listen so we could respond, and often listen with an agenda. But listening fully and deeply — without an agenda, creates space for the Divine creative to enter.

When we pause and truly listen we become more open to receive; to receive —more prosperity, love, joy and personal creativity. I find that when I let go of the need to be better or more balanced, I’m being with myself with more honesty.

When we allow ourselves to be present with feelings we’ve avoided or pushed down, our heart opens more easily.
Most of us have made mistakes and experienced tragedies that keep us stuck, but we can forgive ourselves and others when our hearts are more open.

From this place, decisions can be made with clarity.

Take a look in the mirror, into your own eyes, while just being. Be present in the light of your authentic
energy and experience self-love. Your true essence. produces a vibrational sound unique to you, which
moves through all the cells in the body. It also — joins the life force of every living thing on the earth.

From here, there’s more energy to love yourselves and, — others, to understand what truly matters, and to “follow your bliss,” –as. Joseph Campbell passionately declared. Sometimes focusing on. ourselves in isolation results in feeling fear, which is really ‘an illusion’. We’re not separate from one another. When we allow the connection that is
always there – the connection of the heart – we discover we are all. connected – always — to one another, and to God.

When I open my eyes in the morning and look out at the. bare winter trees, as branches sway in the breeze, I notice the.stunning shapes between the branches and the trees seem to dance with each other.

I am inspired by every unique tree and branch, and. especially by the connectedness of it all.

It seems. the more I connect honesty to my own uniqueness, true essence,
and love for myself, the more compassion and connectedness I. experience with everyone and everything around me. From. the wise heart within, there is a gentle power, that is beyond all powers.

Join in the dance… with the trees —

RosaMaria Nicolosi, RN, IAP, has had the honor over many years of seeing clients experience higher levels of health and life transformation by introducing them to their individual self-healing abilities.

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