“Rosa offers Soul Readings in-person or by phone. Each and every session is held in the energetic safety of sacred space. In fact, Rosa’s presence is a sacred space itself.”

~ Adam Gainsburg, founder of Soulsign

From Rosa:

Whether in person or over the phone, we begin by discovering what you are feeling in the present moment. Your path is respected and religious or spiritual beliefs honored and integrated. Body Soul Integration is not geared to fix or eradicate problems. Rather we try to look at the necessity of what you may consider a problem and even its value as you open to allow your Soul’s experience of the feelings. As your story is fully heard, you can then practice setting the story aside and opening to the experience of your feelings, just as they are. It is about accepting and appreciating the moment. You are all that you need to be.

We are all magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. By tuning into our heart we can access the Source (all the energy used in delivering energy) and use it to send and receive information. We all have our individual unique energy and we are also connected to the Source and to every living thing.

Have you ever observed birds flying in formation and how they can change course in an instant? They do this by an exchange of vibrational information without words or distractions. When you are tuned into your inner being and listening to your heart, you have access to unlimited information and guidance.



Video by Bill Palmer — web –www.seed.org 

There are energy fields around our bodies that regulate what our cells are doing. These energy fields surround our tissues, organs and our whole body. The organ of the heart seems to generate significant energy fields that affect the entire body.   Research at the Institute of HeartMath has proven that there are more neural pathways from the heart up to the brain than from the brain to the heart. Your heart can perceive things (also called intuition) before your head can think them.

On the cellular level, we can address physical as well as emotional pain.

If you are depressed, there are gifts that only depression can give to you. The darkness is an important part of your Soul’s evolvement, the same way that an injury or disease can take you to the depth of who you are.

I’ve seen my clients discover entirely at their own pace how they can actually self-heal or improve the quality of their self-care. You too may discover life-changing tools for transforming yourself.

  • Physical symptoms are addressed from the inside out.
  • Intuition is expanded, making your daily decisions easier.
  • New opportunities gravitate in,as that which no longer serves the expanding self will fall away, resulting in greater harmony with your Heart’s knowing.
  • Ultimately, inner peace will occur through surrender to the Divine Creator.”

What makes the Body Soul Integration work so unique in today’s marketplace of healing work is that it always connects our “spiritual” or “soul-self’ with our physical bodies often in miraculous, unexpected ways through the Heart. We get to the underlying causes of the issues or pain that hinder you the most–again, in your own innate timing.  As you gradually re-integrate body with Soul, you literally begin inhabiting the consciousness of the cells of your entire body. What would complete acceptance do?

This kind of work can cause tremendous openings in discovering from the inside what you’re really here for. Emotionally, as you open to your body’s unfelt and unseen spaces, you can allow for experiencing the feelings that lie beneath your current emotional patterns. You also discover that you already possess the freedom to feel what Love actually is.

Heart Math Practitioner Trauma Sensitive

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